The TwoScope philosophy is based on building simple, clear web solutions to ensure the best experience for your online users.

Fluent in the latest web technologies and back end set up we can enure your site will be visually striking, easy to use and simple to navigate.

TwoScope build bespoke web based solutions for you from scratch, hand crafted to achieve optimum performance and flexibility in design. We can also install and customise third party packages and taylor them to your needs.

Either way, we'll find the best solution for you at a cost that suits.

Types of site

Brochure sites

Perhaps the simplest form of website (but by no means the least important!), a brochure website is essentially a 'static' website where text does not require changing often.

Brochure websites are ideal for businesses wanting to display important information such as services, prices and contact information.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If your content requires constant updates and the information you wish to display changes on a regular basis a CMS site might be exactly what you need.

A CMS system puts you in control of your content and allows you to change and update your site as often as you need. CMS sites can range from simple 1 page blogs to complex dynamic sites driven by multiple data structures and sets of user roles.

E-commerce sites

No matter how big or small your business is, the ability to sell your products online using a shopping or E-commerce site is now an essential part of successful trading. An E-commerce site will let you reach your full potential, open up international revenue streams and allow your business to compete in the global market place.

Using the latest shopping cart technologies, TwoScope can build, theme and customise an E-commerce site to meet your exact needs. From managing stock flow, integratng online payment methods, displaying stock effectively and handling online orders our systems can cover it all.

Responsive design

The use of mobile phones and other hand held devices to access the internet and to browse webpages continues to rise. The internet user is no longer sat rigid at a desk infront of a desk top computer.

One way to ensure your website is optimised for desk tops and mobile devices is to use responsive design techniques to deliver your content in the best format for the device it is being viewed on.

TwoScope can use responsive design to ensure your site is optimised for all major devices.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It is vital that your site ranks highly with search engines and is easy for your potential customers to discover.

There are a number of techniques which will help your site rank higher with search engines but it is worth noting that not all of these techniques are ethical and may decrease your search engine ranking.

Improving your ranking also takes time and is not necessarily a one off job.

TwoScope use ethical techniques to help get your page noticed and can optimise your site during its creation.


After creating your site we would be delighted to host it for you on our servers.

We offer a range of hosting solutions starting with our exceptional shared hosting package.

Our shared hosting includes the following:

Unlimited email addresses

Unlimited storage space

100 mb/ps connection speed

Unlimited bandwidth

If your site is particularly data hungry, needs a huge amount of bandwidth or is serving a large number of users to ensure it runs smoothly you may require a virtual private or dedicated server.

TwoScope can configure, setup and install your site on one of our VPS or dedicated servers to ensure it runs at its optimum level. Please contact us for further details.


Pricing websites is always difficult and is not necessarily based on the number of pages you need. Sometimes small websites require many hours of work.

We can, however, offer you the following indicative prices to help guide you:

A simple 3 page website for as little as £249

A 1 page website with responsive background image from £179

A CMS (content management system) website from £349

A simple E-commerce site for as little as £789

A feature rich E-commerce site from just £1,200

The best advice we can give is to be clear about what you want your site to be able to do from the off-set and, most importantly, ensure you have your content finalised before our work begins.

We are here to advise you and discuss the best options for you. Don't hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation chat and quote.